Through M2’s Eyes

I forget sometimes that M2 also has a perspective on life, especially hers. Yesterday I had to go to a funeral for a friend who lost her battle with breast cancer. I explained to the kids I was sad that she died because I would miss her but that she was in heaven now so I was trying to be happy. Well M2 has a real problem with me being sad for any reason so she asked if she could make me smile and I agreed. She retrieved the two bags from the Holiday shop that contained her purchases.

She pulls out a small pot decorated with flowers and explains to me it is for Little Man. She explained that it was a “dirt and snow digger” and that Little Man would  like it because he likes to dig in the dirt and the snow. Well that is true.

She pulls out and identical pot and says it is for Gramma and Pop Pop but they would have to share. It is a “baby pot” for a “baby plant” because Gramma has lots of plants all around the house and Pop Pop works for a plant store. Well he works for a landscaper but close enough and again true.

She pulls out a third pot and says it is for my BFF’s boyfriend. Well now I am confused because C is a techie by trade and by passion what would he do with a pot? M2 looked at me like I was a complete idiot and said “Mamma it matches his bedroom and he can put stuff in it” Well again she is right it does so yes I guess I am limited in my creation abilities.

She then pulls out what is obviously a mug of sorts and gets a mischievous grin on her face and says “This one is yours so you can’t see it. But don’t be sad because it is blue and has snowmen on it because you like blue and you like snowmen” So I say can I open it now and she laughs stuffing it back in the bag and says “NO that’s cheating” and I laughed. She goes and pulls out another mug saying it is for Titi. She says “I got Titi and you the same thing. Do you want to see Titi’s` present?” I said “Well if I see Titi’s present won’t I know what you got me?” M2 laughed out loud and said “No Mommy because yours has candy in it and Titi’s doesn’t” Again how on earth can I be so simple. I laughed out loud though at her obvious look of amazement at my failure to comprehend the gift situation.

I told her the gifts were wonderful and I was sure that everyone would love them. She looked very proud of herself and collected her stuff back into the bags again.

It did make me smile mostly with pride. She is such a thoughtful kid and put a lot of careful thoughts into her gifts. I really am blessed with such a sweet heart.


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