Planning for Disney

The daily parade
The daily parade

I talked a few weeks ago to Little Man’s parents about the trip we always make in February to Disney. I got permission to take both of them regardless of where we were with where they lived. Well today I made the official reservations. I am nervous, scared and thrilled all at the same time. Part of me wonders can I do it, part of me wonders will this be the start of a regular tradition.

M2 saw me booking the reservations and just about jumped out of her skin. She yelled and jumped up and down much to Little Mans shock. She kept saying “Evey body gonna go to Disney, even you Little Man” Little Man looked confused, he does not know what Disney is or why anyone wants to go. I explain we will be on a plane and go to the place where the Princesses, Buzz Lightyear, Gaston and Aladdin live and he is still confused. M1 looks frustrated and says “Come on you must know what Disney is!!!” But it is clear he does not.

Little Bit starts dancing in a circle as M1 explains we are going to the Princesses house. She cannot wait to see a Princess it will be so very magical for her I can’t wait. I think once Little Man gets there he will be thrilled too but for now it is a huge unknown and he is not really excited. My two well words are not enough for them the magic of Disney is too great.

I am looking forward to going and hope we all have a great time!!

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