Big Steps for Smaller White Belts

When we started the TKD journey I was not sure how long it would be, if ever that M2 would go without me. Weeks went by and I stayed by her side coaching, encouraging and yes sometimes threatening LOL.

Last week we were doing forms and the issue is that I as a black belt have a form of my own to learn that is not the white belt form. My BFF and I prepped M2 that she would be with Titi because Mom had to go with other black belts.  Well M2 pseudo freaked and with TONS of encouragement finally pulled away from me and went with my BFF/Titi. The whole time she would intermittently run over and give me a quick hug when they had a break. I remind myself, baby steps and try not to get frustrated as I struggled to learn my own complicated form.

Tonight we lined up for line drills and warm up and per usual M2 was with me. We went through all the drills and then the Master called us to break up into belt groups. I go to say something to my BFF to prompt her to come to M2’s side when I hear “Bye Mommy I see Titi” and she walks off. Both my BFF and I stared at each other more shocked then not. We go through the forms and not once did she come to me. At one point during my form I hear “Mum mum you doin a good job” but nothing more.

We line back up into lines for more drills and the Master again breaks us up by belt. He states that M2 can come with me. Suddenly M2 looks at me and says “You goin cus you a black belt and I stay with Titi and M1?” I tell her yes and she walks to join the line. I prompt the line leader to be patient and he smiles and says no problem I got it. The drills are done and not once did M2 approach me or come to get a quick hug. I was shocked!!!!

Class ends and everyone is praising her for all her efforts and she beams from ear to ear. We leave the mat and M2 stops and asks if she can show me something. I say sure and wait. A clear look of focus came across her face and she executed a jump lift kick right in front of me!! Only two weeks ago she had a melt down on the mat because “it was too hard” and tears had streamed down her cheeks.

I don’t care that she is nine, I grabbed her and hugged her hard!! I was so incredibly proud of her and the amazing progress. I wanted to cry but no I held it together but holy Merry Christmas to me it was the BEST present ever.

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