Being Thankful Despite

As you saw I went to the parade with two of four children and then we went to Gramma’s house I dreaded this part because in my parents eyes I do so little right. I just wait for the criticism when the girls are out of ear shot and per usual it came. My BFF bless her tried to intervene but of course Gramma, the prime offender, shot her down. No kids we can’t stay with  Gramma and Pop Pop, I am done done with the suggestions as to how to my life better.

Today I pick up Little Man and Little Bit from their Grandmothers and per usual Little Man has a world class melt down. He swears, screams and flips things while his Mom tries to stop him. She won’t let me help and insist I wait outside. I guess she does not realize I can hear it all happening and want to help despite my repeatedly telling her this fact. We finally wrangle him into the car and I drive home kids in tow. Little Man tells me all about how Chucky kills people and Annabel cries blood tears. Of course these movies are appropriate for a five year old.

After a tough night of blatant refusing to do anything I ask all four kids are tucked into bed. I am beat and glad this holiday is over. But wait it is Thanksgiving and I am thankful…

1. I am thankful for my friends without whom I could not do this whole parenting thing.

2. I am thankful my parents raised me to be who I am despite our tenuous relationship.

3. I am thankful for a job I enjoy and a diversity of people I can with daily.

4. I am thankful that I am strong enough to deal with “all of this (RAD, ODD, Autism)” on a daily basis. Yes days are hard and time stressful but each day the guy upstairs wakes me up and gives me the chance to do it again. Half of my kids parents didn’t get that same chance.

5. I am thankful for birth parents. Yes they drive me crazy but they have taught me so much that I would not have known.

6. I am thankful for all my kids. The ones I kept and the ones who passed through. I learned even more from them the I ever realized I could from such small packages of joy.

7. I am thankful for Diet Coke, yes my one vice in the world. No don’t lecture me I am not listening.

8. I am thankful for fur babies who love me regardless of how horrific a day I am having. They lick my face, nibble on my fingers and purr while they sleep on me.

No it was not a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving it was more of a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving but that is all right. After all I am too poor to own a real Norman Rockwell print and I do look just like Peppermint Patty so it all evens out.

One thought on “Being Thankful Despite

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  1. Wow, what a day.
    I’m glad you could sit down and write the things you are thankful for.
    It’s so important to remind ourselves of the good things even when we’ve had a massive day.

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