On Being a Daughter

I am known at work for my laughter as odd as that sounds. My cubicle is at the top of the stairs and when I start laughing apparently it reverberates down the stairs. Yes I laugh a lot so much so in fact they use it to gauge if I am in each day. Today of course was no different but what got me laughing today was different.

My father called me on my cell phone at work during work hours and I out and out panicked.  If Dad is calling then what the heck happened with Mom. I hate being the health care proxy for my Mom; my mind never goes to a positive place a times like this I swear. No bad news just Dad advising me it was snowing did I  know that?  Well no I did not I am in a cubicle no windows so I get up and walk around the corner, yep it is snowing. He reminds me that I am suppose to drive and that it is snowing. Yes I know. He reminds me I don’t have four wheel drive. Yes I know. He reminds me I could go down and back in one day if I wanted. I start to laugh and say “So do I hear you saying you don’t want to see me?” Dad starts laughing and says “No we just want you to be safe.”

I love my parents, I really do, but this makes me laugh some more. You see my parents kicked me out when I was 17 because “our responsibilities to you are over” but now they are concerned. OK whatever, I know they love me, so I tell them that I will not drive today to save them some anxiety. My Dad sounds relieved and thanks me and I promise to see him tomorrow. A co worker over hears our conversation and laughs at me saying “Still taking orders from your parents?” I shoot her a look and say “It’s called respect and yes I still have it for my parents”

We get cut out of work early and I pick up the kids. I let them know we are not driving today and M1 smiles at me and says “So let me guess Grandma said you can’t drive?” I tell her she is right and she smiles again and asks “Do you always have to listen to your Mom?” Now I smile at her and say “No I do not but unlike you I sometimes listen to my Mom because I realize she might be right” M1 laughs and says “Yeah but did you roll your eyes when she said it?” I laughed with her and promised her that I did.

Apparently in my family birth or adopted:  Daughter= eye rolling

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