A Turkey for the Master

Yesterday was a tough day for M2 and Little Man. I was out teaching and our most beloved babysitter was having a heck of a time with them. Fortunately, M1 and my BFF happened to come home in the middle of it and my BFF took over sending everyone to bed early. So this morning we talk about it and of course there are no explanations. Ugggg this is so frustrating but yes this is parenting so here we go.

Today the sitter comes back and I get M1 and M2 ready to go to Tae Kwon Do. I prompt M2 to get a move on and I see the look. The look that tells me melt down is in 3…2….1  I grit my teeth and wait, the sitter sees it too and braces herself. M2 starts to raise her voice and whine that she is not going she is too tired. The sitter says “OK go to bed and stay home.” The whine gets louder so I say “Wait what is it you are doing that you want to do instead of Tae Kwon Do?” She points to her turkey pictures. The sitter points out that tomorrow they are going to spend the day with her so there is plenty of time for pictures. She stops mid whine and looks at me tearing up.

I go to hug her and ask what is wrong. She buries her head and says”But me wanna make a picture for the Master” I look and see she is mostly done with her picture so I tell her to quick finish it up and we will go. She jumps and finishes quickly asking how to spell the Master’s name. I spell out the name and she grabs a second picture for the Grand Master. She then happily grabs her gear and heads out the door pictures in hand. The sitter smiles knowingly and off we go.

Now I am weighing how to do this as we go to class. M2 means well and I have no doubt that the Master and Grand Master will be gracious to her but the class in front of us is made up of kids her age but of course closer in age functioning and I am worried if they see what they will say about her sweet gesture. M2 is doing  this to be sweet and because she is appreciative but it is immature for someone her age. We get there and I tell her to wait until after our class so no one is there but adults and teens who have already figured out M2 is outside of usual. She does well in class and practically bounces off the mat at the end of class.

She hands the first picture to the Master and he looks confused. M2 says to him “I make it you because its Thanksgiving and I want you have a good Thanksgiving” He looks a bit confused and says “It is very nice” and goes to hand it back. M2 smiles and pushes it back at him and says firmly “No me made it for you” The Master realizes what she is saying and beams. “No one has ever given me a picture before. Thank you” She bounds off the mat and goes to the Grand Master handing him the second picture. The Grand Master smiles broadly and pats her on the head “Thank you it is beautiful” M2 is on cloud nine and all smiles as she goes to get her jacket.

I thank both of them and they smile again and wish all of us a happy Thanksgiving. Yes it will be happy because you did a simple thing you made my daughter’s night.thanksgiving-clipart

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