Christmas Pictures

Today we went to get Christmas pictures and as any parent knows this could be a great day or a colossal train wreck depending on the kids. I tell M1 to go get dressed in her black outfit, I had bought her new black jeans and a black shirt. I tell M2 to go put her princess dress on, it is cranberry red and taffeta. A princess dream come true. We pack up Little Man and Little Bit’s clothes and go to get them at their Grandma’s house.

Little Bit comes running out to the car and then I hear screaming. Yep it is Little Man screaming at his Mom, no he does not want to come to the car. Then I hear someone else screaming and I am confused as to who it is. Grandma looks at me and says “its Mom”. Remember my fears from the meeting, this is not helping, but there is no time. I go and collect Little Man from the porch and drag his reluctant body to the van. We say our goodbyes and off we go to the mall. The dreaded mall. The traffic is horrific and we finally pull in, good news everyone is asleep. Bad news….somebody pooped.

We wake Little Bit and clean her off using a wipe. We change her diaper and fix her hair. I wake up Little Man and put him into his black jeans and black shirt. Everyone runs a brush through their hair and off we go. The studio is crazy busy and tons of kids are running amok. I offer up a quick prayer for success here. The kids sit and watch a movie playing while we wait. Finally after an eternity we get called into the studio.

I explain I want one group photo, one photo of M1 and M2 for their Mom and one photo of Little Man and Little Bit for their Mom. The photographer looks at me obviously confused and asked who I was, the kids all in unison say “She is Mom” OMG I want a camera for the look on this poor young lady’s face. I quickly explain “I am an adoptive Mom, every year I get Christmas photos for birth moms, it is our tradition.” WOW the smile that young lady gave me then!!!!!! She said “I will be sure to get really cute ones!!”

The kids were golden. I swear I could not have asked for better. They did a group photo, a sibling photo and then individual photos no complaints and no tears. The choices were truly beautiful. We went out and selected photos with only minimal fighting, I was one super proud Momma. The kids skip off after we pay and a quick reassurance they will ride the escalator again. We get to the van and are all intact.  The whole ordeal took one hour and ten minutes.

Riding home Little Bit starts singing “I want donut” and I thought sure why not they were all good and I don’t mind rewarding good behavior. We go to Dunkin Donuts and the kids start cheering. Yes it is fine to get it on your clothes…LOL….the photos are done!!


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