TKD Partners

I am having a lot of fun at Tae Kwon Do and so are the kids. I am super happy we did it. Usually I am the one who has to pair with M2 for the class per the Master’s instructions but I usually don’t mind. We separate for forms but my BFF takes M2 so she does not panic. Enter training this week.

The first night we went M2 begged to be partners with my BFF and my BFF agreed. M1 sighed and reluctantly paired with “Mom” I know how embarrassing right!!! So we are doing and exercise where you lie on your back raise your feet, with knees straight up toward your head. Your partner pushes them back you don’t let them hit the floor. Holy ab muscles batman it gets painful and my abs give up at 7 of 9. I see the disappointment in M1’s eyes but bless her she says nothing negative (proud mom moment). We switch and she gives it a try. At 3 she bent her knees and at 5 she was done done. I laughed and gave her a hand up she looked upset. I assured her it was fine I know she tried and she smiled. Next we have 50 lift kicks and I don’t go fast but I go steady finishing up a few seconds behind the other black belts. Again I see the disappointment but again she says nothing. We switch and its her turn, she starts out fast and gets to 30 I am impressed and encourage her some more. Suddenly she stops and struggles to catch her breath. She then finishes but awhile after the other belts and she is embarrassed so again I encourage her. We go to leave the mat and she half smiles at me and says “Well you are in better shape then me”  I laugh and say “Maybe but you are prettier” and she laughs.

Last night I am with M2 and we are doing combination drills so two kicks then two punches in a row. Now M2 struggles with target holding because she has to change positions as part of this and she gets confused. I walk her through it many times and finally she gets it!!! I am super excited and stop short of kissing her, I realize she is getting older. The pride on her face is obvious and I am so glad, this is bound to help her self confidence. She goes to do the combinations and strangely enough gets it pretty quick. I praise her lavishly and she beams with pride. The kicks are a little weak but holy punches batman she has a wicked strong punch when she comes down each time. I tell her to quit hurting me and she laughs. When she gets the targets back she says “Mum mum you hit me hard as you can OK?” I laugh and say “You sure baby girl?” and she nods. I pull my hand back (no I wasn’t going to really) and suddenly she dissolves into giggles “No mum mum me joking don’t do it” I do an exaggerated sigh and say “Man you never let me do anything I want to do”and she giggles even harder.

The kids are both doing well and from what I could see, and what my BFF tells me, they are also doing well in their forms. I really helps it builds self confidence for M2 and self discipline for M1 I know for me it has meant 3 pounds gone so yeah our team!!!

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