Trampoline Park Take Two

Little Man and Little Bit went to their Grandma’s house this weekend so it was just the girls and me. We had a busy morning as we went to watch the Black Belts test for awhile then to hook up with my BFF.

Now I must be clear my BFF is a ton more adventurous than I am. I tend to be more conservative and less risky, truth be told tons of things scare me but I want my kids to take chances so sometimes yes I hire my BFF to make me be brave. Enter the trampoline park take two this weekend. Yes we had been there before and yes my kids loved it. I had the fortune of staying on the side and watching the younger two while mine bounced, but it looked like fun and deep down I wanted to do it but was scared to death.

Yes I know very silly but hear me out. I am plus sized and I am terrified the trampoline will break under my weight. I like when my feet are on the floor or a firm surface, off the floor scares me because on multiple occasions my feet left the ground and I ended up in a cast. I am scared of falling because I actually have a fused neck and if I jar it too much in all seriousness the pain is horrific. All that said though I technically can do some jumping at the park if only I could jump without my feet leaving the trampoline….sigh……

So I confess to my kids in front of my BFF that I have never actually gone on a trampoline before. Their look was classic a mixture of amazement and disbelief. I assure them that it has never ever happened before so I had no idea what to expect. I asked the kids what I need to know and their list was simple

1. Try to stay standing up but if you fall get up quick so you don’t get in trouble.

2. Try not to jump too close to someone else or you will fall over.

3. If you do a flip you will probably land on your butt but don’t worry everyone does so it is no big deal.

I had to laugh to myself such simple guidance. I knew I was being ridiculous but boy was I super nervous. We get to the park and wait our turn and then M2 grabs my hand and practically drags me onto the trampoline. I swallow hard and step onto it expecting the worst but amazingly nothing happens. M2 starts bouncing with me and I hold back my terror as my feet come close to leaving the mat. M1 and my BFF bounce away and I tell M2 to go ahead and join them. I don’t want to hold her back and I knew they would have fun. She begrudgingly leaves me as I try to get use to it.

I started off slow but eventually got a little into it. It was a lot of fun, my ridiculous fears aside and as I looked around I saw plenty of people my size jumping without a care in the world. I look at my kids and my BFF and they are bouncing like crazy kids. My BFF is flipping and M1 is cartwheeling around the room. M2 is more like me just jumping but  not doing anything too crazy. I laugh honestly sometimes I am so stupid to be so afraid. We jumped for an hour and then had to leave.

M1 congratulated me on my accomplishment and applauded how far I progressed from the start of the time till the end. M2 mumbled something sleepily but honestly no one could make it out. We got home and when M1 hopped into the shower my friend gave me a quick hug. I looked at her confused. She laughed

“You were terrified I saw it in your face when we stepped onto the trampoline but you did it anyway. Good for you”

I thanked her again for helping me to be brave and she laughed reminding me that as my BFF it was basically her job. OK fear mastered…next time maybe I will jump from one trampoline to the next…..maybe…..

What it mostly looked like at the trampoline park.
What it mostly looked like at the trampoline park.

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  1. I think that was awesome parenting. Modeling how you can do scary things. And then have them help you. It must amke it so much easier for them to have you help them through a fear when the roles have been reversed!

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