Boots Boots Boots

OK so I am a pessimist. I thought it was going to come soon and today was the day. After two mornings of getting up and getting out on schedule today was the day it all fell apart. You see last night it snowed and this morning we had to get out of the house with boots, gloves and a hat.

Now I know kids feet grow so a quick check of current sneakers and I go upstairs to grab the appropriate sized boots. Little Man, check, Little Bit check, M2-uh oh. I grab a pair of boots she is a size 4.5 so I grab a 6 knowing she likes things big. Enter stage right the melt down from Hades!!!

“I wanna wear my old boots. I no wanna wear new boots they ugly”

I explain her feet have grown and her size 4 boots from last year will not fit. She insisted through rage filled screaming they will and goes to put them on. Of course they do not and so woosh a boot comes flying past my knee. I remind her we don’t throw and encourage her to try on the size 6 boots. She screams some more and the second set of boots comes flying at me “They too tight!!!” with tears streaming down her face. Yeah everything is to freaking tight and of course I have no options. I beg and plead with her please give it a chance we will get new boots tonight after school. To no avail the raging continues so I step away. I hate being late and part of me wants to hit her so yep time for me to get myself in check.

I go to the kitchen as the raging continues and just breathe. I remind myself the world will not end if I am a few minutes late. She has autism so yes this is to be expected. I can get through this just breathe and remind myself how much I truly love her. Little Bit comes in and give me a hug “It be OK mommy” she says as she hugs my knees. I pick her up and kiss her, she is right of course, it will be all right. Now calmer I go back in to resolve this with M2.

M2 comes to me and buries her head in my chest “Me sorry Mum mum but they too tight” I pat her head and calm her down. I know she can’t help it and am disappointed in myself for getting so angry about what she cannot change. I explain we have no other boots her size so that will mean she cannot have recess today and then I brace internally for the next meltdown. She looks at me and says “Me take your boots?” Did I mention I wear a size 9.5? I explain that they will be WAY TOO big on her and she won’t be able to run and play.

She pulls away and grabs my boots. Slipping them on she runs back to me “See Mum Mum I can run no problem” I sigh I really don’t care so go ahead wear them. I drive to school and make a note to myself, stop by the nurse’s office. The nurse will give out clothes and shoes if the child does not have adequate, I want to be sure she understands this situation. I explain briefly what happened this morning and the nurse pats my arm “Yeah we know how M2 can get, no worries it won’t hurt her” I laugh yeah ok I guess it will be ok Little Bit is right.

Yes we just got back from the shoe store. Yes she tried on every pair of boots possible in her size but thank you divine intervention we found a pair she liked!!

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  1. I’m so happy you were able to find a pair of boots after school that she was happy with.
    I thought you were going to be getting the new boots and Little Bit was going to stick with yours

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