Blue Trail Hiking

It dawned on me this morning when I woke up a zero dark thirty to a fussing child that today the kids and I had the day together. My first thought was all the house work I needed to do then after a round of snuggles I realized it was going to be a really nice day. Hmmm dilemma….housework or hiking….yep hiking people have died from lack of exercise not from unfolded laundry.

We went to the same park we normally go to with my BFF but today it was just us. I decided we  would go on the green trail since we had never done it before.  The kids were pumped especially when we got to the real beaver dam. They stood in awe at the house made from branches obviously chewed in the immediate area.

Area behind the beaver dam
Area behind the beaver dam

We got to the end of the green trail and the kids thought the Blue trail looked good so off we went. We had all day, I was carrying Little Bit in a carrier so what the heck. We walked and walked and walked. OK well sometimes Little Bit walked too.

Off to the Blue Trail we go.
Off to the Blue Trail we go.

I made sure to point out things along the way and ensured all kids did the mandatory fall activity of scuffling through leaves. Yes I scuffled too of course to show them how.

Little Man scuffling along.
Little Man scuffling along.
Little Bit and M1 scuffling
Little Bit and M1 scuffling 








We finally got back to the Green trail and I was relieved it seemed like my back wanted to crack a million times over. We hop into the van and the kids all talk about what they saw and did. Suddenly M1 says “Umm Mom what time did we get here?” I replied 10:20 why? She laughed and said “Look at the clock” I looked down 12:23. Holy walking Batman we walked for literally two hours no wonder they were dragging at the end.

We drove off to get lunch and the kids inhaled it…yeah maybe I did over do it with them. Driving home all was quiet and I looked up, three out of four are asleep. OK definitely over did it but WOW was it a fun and gorgeous day!

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