The Trampoline Park

There is a new trampoline park close to us and we just learned about it so I figured what the heck. I didn’t tell the kids anything, just loaded them into the van the conversation goes like this:

Where are we going?



Someplace we have not been before

Yeah but can’t you tell us where?

I could but I won’t!!

So the protest were minimal but they figured it had to be good because I am usually vague about fun things. The building was non descript enough that only M1 could read what it was but the name meant nothing so it was a mystery until we walked up the stairs. Kids poured out all sweaty, laughing and begging to come back. The kids raced each other to the door and the SHRIEK when they saw inside.

Literally over 20 trampolines spread as far as the eye could see. The kids were awed speechless as they waited in line. We got the base rules and headed off for an hour of jump time. Little Man and Little Bit went with me to the kid area and M1 and M2 had the run of the place. After about 45 minutes M1 and M2 came to the kids area beet faced red and wiped out. Little Man was just laying on his side trying to catch his breath and Little Bit, who is well a jump-a-holic, was bouncing for all she was worth. Finally after a few more breathless minutes the time was announced and we had to leave.

The kids dragged themselves off the mats and to the car. They chatted happily the whole way back about what fun they had and asked when we will return. I had to laugh because it was good to see how fun it really was for them. We ate dinner and suddenly it hit…the 5000 mile stares all around. Quickly I rushed them off to bed and kissed them. Pretty sure all were out before I go to their respective doors.

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