The Blossoming White Belts

Well it has been a few weeks and Tae Kwon Do has been going well. The instructors are super nice and have been advised that M2 is special needs and should not be separated from Mom. All have been encouraging both when she is working with me and attempting to get her to work with others teachers. M2 is making small progress too, yesterday she actually sparred someone other then me for almost 90 seconds, longer then ever before. Although truth be told  I was sort of glad she folded…the 2d degree Black Belt training me was kicking my buttocks. LOL

M1 on the other hand has been doing great on her own. She tries to spar my BFF and mostly loses, but she keeps trying. Yesterday she tried to copy me kicking over the standing weight and immediately fell over. I laughed as I gave her a hands up and she just shook her head and said “One day I am gonna knock it over like you do” I smiled and said “Absolutely you will” Turns out she is actually quite nimble because during the drill where you hop up and down off the 10 inch stand she was really fast. I praised her till she rolled her eyes then figured I should stop.

As for me…well the Master said I need to wear the Black Belt but that I could take whatever class I needed to catch up on skills. I am embarrassed to wear it most times but when it comes to the power moves it really is clear that I have been trained. I still hate sparring and still pretty much stink at it but it is a great workout so there you have it. I do love helping M2 so that gets me through and seeing M1 succeed is a definite bonus.

Family class is tomorrow which means about 30 pounds of sweat will be spent.yeah we are building memories!!


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  1. Its always rough when I go back into the dojang after not training for a while. It’s like “aw man there was a time I could tell my body to do this and it would…”

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