An Answer at Last

The real culprits!!
The real culprits!!

So on top of the whole church thing  Little Bit has a rash from Hades and nothing working. It started about three weeks ago and I asked day care if they changed wipes they said they had so I brought in different ones to use. Mom of course implied I was not maintaining hygiene and I was fighting hard against that one. I was furious and frustrated and so very very angry. Per usual my agency took Mom’s side and accused me of not adequately providing care and potential neglect.

I was beyond betrayed, remember on Mondays I am teaching the soon to be foster parents and behind the scenes this same agency is well…screwing me hard. I changed to sensitive wipes and started to apply some Neosporin as it seemed bacterial in appearance and Desitin, Butt Paste and hydrocortizone were not working. Little Bit goes with Mom on weekends and she comes back and viola so did the dang rash. Yes I wanted to take photos but oh yeah that has the potential to go so wrong and since I know my agency doesn’t have my back I was relying heavily on showing people like M1 and my BFF so I had proof it was gone and came back.

FINALLY today I got an answer…thank you sweet Lord Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! I was eating lunch and saw a picture of my wipes  in the news feed, curious I clicked on it. They were being recalled due to bacterial contamination.  I bought my wipes at Sam’s club as did the daycare. Mom buys her wipes at Family Dollar….all of these wipes are contaminated with bacteria and being recalled. The reason I had success cleaning her up during the week was because I bought these Pamper Sensitive wipes at CVS because it is literally two doors down from work.

Yeah you know I was on the phone in a heartbeat updating everyone. I sent them the FDA link with the information and printed out copies to hand to Mom. Tell me again how it is my fault!! Tell me again how I am not maintaining hygiene!!

Yes in fact victory is sweet!!!! Oh and no no one apologized or even acknowledged that I sent this one.

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