Facing My Tae Kwon Do Fears

So tonight was the night we went to Tae Kwon Do. I was so nervous I could not eat and could barely talk once I got home. The kids laughed at me and could not get my concern. The kids scarfed down their dinner and M2 was literally running around non stop with excitement. If you had heard the checklist you would have laughed

Do you both have on sports bras, t-shirts, deodorant and your hair back?

The kids were hopping up and down, yes even M1 was excited. We drive there and my head was spinning and I felt sick to my stomach. We get there early to watch the class before us and M2 can hardly stop moving. We get our uniforms and are told we will not get belts. The kids will get their belts after two classes and the Master wants to test me to determine what belt I should wear. OK seems fair I mean I am not white (beginner) but obviously not black either. The kids are bummed but take it well and we go to class.

The drills go well and M2 is a trooper and keeps up for the most part. She is in my line and with some coaching she gets most of it. M1 does great and even tries to beat my BFF sometimes but to no avail. My BFF hates to fall behind or get beaten so she presses ahead despite being tired. I did as good as I could but oh yeah my weight did impact me. We ended up doing a kicking drill and he lined us up with a Black Belt to help us. She was awesome and SO sweet to M2, turned out she has a special needs son too so she actually got M2.

I go to kick the weight and it almost falls over, the Black Belt starts laughing and says “OK I suppose I don’t need to talk to you about power” We continue the drill and consistently I knock the weight halfway over so the leader comes over and asks who is knocking it off and everyone points to me. The leader looks at me and says “Show me what you do” I execute a kick again and he smiles and says “Yes you use to be a black belt, that is clear” I was a little embarrassed but the Black Belt in our line told me not to worry it was clear I was strong.

The class comes to an end and M2 is starting to slow down. She was such a little trooper though and for the record the one hour class was the longest she has ever stayed on task. M1 looked beat but she continued to smile so I was glad for her too. The leader addresses me and asks what I remember and I say that I remember most of the kicks but the forms would need practice. He smiled and said we could work on it.

We are introduced to the class and they introduce themselves to us. Everyone was really  friendly and encouraging. As we go to leave both M1 and M2 say “Are we coming back on Saturday?” I laugh and say we shall see.

So yes it was fun and nerve wrecking and yes I definitely need a shower right now LOL


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