Nap Needed Apply Within!!

Two of my kitties Sampson and Nala sleeping at my feet.
Two of my kitties Sampson and Nala sleeping at my feet.

WOW I am one tired Momma this week. Starting last weekend Little Man and Little Bit go to Gramma’s house with Mom to spend the weekend. Well phew transition home was rough but we expected that, it happens transitions are hard I have done this before.

So last Sunday Little Man was defiant and belligerent. Ugggg so the usual round of time ins, redirection and finally early bed I was done done. Little Bit on the other hand seemed fine so I was hopeful, maybe it wouldn’t be so rough. Oh my was I a tad too optimistic on that one. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night she woke up SCREAMING holy hades. I mean the kind that makes you fly out of bed and get to the kids hours before your eyes open and you see yourself there. She was inconsolable sobbing, clinging and shaking. She would only sleep in my bed in direct contact with me. Now I cannot sleep with someone touching me, don’t know why never could. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday she won’t go to bed, terror cries desperate sobbing…oh sweet mother of all I am tired.

Saturday I drop her off exhausted to Mom and tell her she has trouble sleeping. Mom says no issues with her, OK it happens but just so you know. I sleep like a rock and wake up to do my half marathon on Sunday. Well all right it was not an awesome time but a week without sleep will do it for you. I finish the race and go pick up the kids all set to start again. Again Little Man is defiant and belligerent and arguing…fantastic.

I am exhausted and as Little Bit finally collapsed here beside me after 20 minutes of non stop inconsolable screaming about bed I am in need of a nap. So if any of you see one can you send it my way? It would be most appreciated.

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