Laughing at myself

OK so things are uber stressful on the home front so things were bound to be forgotten right?!?!? M1 is failing gym without gym she cannot graduate, M2 is not wearing a hearing aid and going berserk every three seconds, Little Man has to have a revamp on his IEP to include NEVER touching peers….Little Bit…..well she is 2 and knows the word “no”. So as you can imagine things are a tad hairy. Then I get to work…oh dear…..

I have lots of co workers I don’t talk about personal stuff to most of them because it is not who I am really. I talk with the other two counselors because we have to pick pieces up after each other so we know TONS about each of our lives. They know I foster, they know the havoc my agency has created and know I want to adopt so all is well right. Well so I thought too until today when we were doing notes.

My co worker MR was talking to me when a message from my private email came through and we went to look at it (yes seriously we are in each others business) it is from my new agency my application is being returned (heart sunk to feet) because it is incomplete. What???? She says I did not list a work reference..where the heck was that? I am confused do  you need to verify I am employed or do you need a coworker to talk to my parenting ability because they are two different people. She clarifies “I need your your Supervisors name” Suddenly it hits me…I have never actually talked to my Supervisor about this at all. Holy crud nickels what if they call her??? MR sees the panic on my face and then laughs out loud when I explain the look.

Now my Supervisor S is awesome she really is but since she is my Supervisor I make a point of never talking to her about personal things. She knows I have kids and am not married…yep that is it. So now I have to talk to her about something personal and I cannot seem to get out of my own way. I ask her to come to my cubicle when she has a chance and no I am not quitting. She appears almost immediately and asks if all is well. I assure her it is and as awkwardly as humanly possible let her know that I am attempting to adopt. She smiles broadly and looks hugely relieved. I explain that I had to list her name so I just wanted to let her know that my agency might call her. S then starts to laugh and says “OMG you can’t get out of your own way, you are completely awkward right now!!” I have to laugh too I am known as a prolific speaker at my workshops and yet here I am tripping over myself entirely.

S takes it all in stride and says no problem and asks only two questions (1) how old and (2) will I take some FMLA when they arrive. I tell her I am looking for 5-12 and that yes some FMLA but just to transition them in. She smiles again and say “Hey as long as you are not quitting it’s no big deal at all” I thank her feeling so incredibly self conscious and embarrassed. She left and MR came in laughing out loud “You are soooo awkward what the heck”

OK so I am a private person shoot me LOL

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  1. It’s weird to me that they need your supervisor’s name and contact info! Jeesch! I just had to have some employment records–more my paystubs, etc, but I never had to disclose to my boss until I chose to do so, which was when I started the match process. I wonder how many folks stress over that disclosure!

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