Pumpkin Picking

Every year we have a tradition, we pack up the kids and meet my two friends with their kids and pick pumpkins. So this year we grab Little Man and Little Bit and off we go to pick.

Our haul this year
Our haul this year

We had a fun filled day till M2 had a melt down and again attacked me. I kept walking because God knows if I had restrained her someone would have called the cops for sure.

Carrying the pumpkins to the van
Carrying the pumpkins to the van

M1 sat silently in the van next to me and them said “Mom how do you do it? How do you not haul off and hit her back?” I smiled and told her it was really really hard to resist that urge but that by taking a second and thinking of the consequences I can realize I don’t want to (a) actually hurt her I am just angry I am hurt and (b) it is child abuse so I would be charged. I assured her it was really hard but that with time it got easier to think before acting. She nodded.

Yes babe I do practice what I preach…ooooo boy though some days it is hard.

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