Color Me RAD

OK funny story behind this run. Three years ago, I was looking for a fun run to do because I was just starting to get back into it. Well I saw this run and saw that it was RAD and thought “Great Reactive Attachment Disorder run I will definitely support this as it impacts my life because M1 is diagnosed with it.” I sign it all up then go to the promo site to find out that RAD actually means radical!!!  Ooopppssss the problem with assumptions..hehehehe

Anyway for those that don’t know you get sprayed with color as you run…sort of like this:

The first ciolor station.
The first color station.

And by the end of the race you look like this:

M1 and M2 at the end of the race.
M1 and M2 at the end of the race.

So very much fun!! Too bad Little Man and Little Bit had an overnight they missed all this fun.

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