Battle of the Bra


On Monday I told M2 she has to start wearing bras. It is obvious at this point and I can’t let her continue. We go to Walmart to pick some out and an hour later we have 6 so I think we are good to go. I bring them home she brings them to her room all appears well.

On Tuesday I said “M2 you have to put the bra on today” She resisted. I offered to help adjust it, fix straps etc. M2 hauled off and punched me in the jaw. I had to resist every urge in my body to strike back. I stepped back in case my self control failed. I repeated in a calm voice that we don’t hit in this house and that the bra needed to go on. She lunged at me both fists flying swinging and biting as if it was her job. Little Bit screamed in panic as I received blow after blow before getting her subdued in a restraint. I held her tight as profanity laced tirades poured from her lips. Little Man trembled in fear and I told him to take Little Bit and go up stairs but he was frozen.

I held M2 till she went limp from exhaustion. I let her go and walked upstairs, the bra would have to wait. I calmed myself down and tried not to curse myself as I got the kids dressed for school. M2 came up a bit later and her eyes were puffy as tears streamed down her face. “Me sorry Momma”  Yeah so was I but I was too angry to trust my voice so I asked her to go to the car. I NEEDED TIME to calm down!!!! I say nothing in the ride to work and drop her off per usual at daycare.

When I pick her up after work she again apologizes and we sit down to talk about it. Now yes it might be hormones but shoot I can’t be attacked like that every day as I too have PTSD from the War in Iraq. We talk about options and why she needs to wear a bra now. She cries some more she doesn’t want to, they hurt, they pinch, they are too tight. I sigh yes I knew this was coming but she STILL needs to wear one. We agree to try on Saturday.

Saturday comes and I remind her what we talked about. She calls me downstairs to help and I put her in her first bra. She looks at me and smiles saying “Mum mum these fit good” Yes honey they do remember I know you. She goes bouncing up the stairs and yells to her sister “M1 I gots a bra on wanna see?” M1 looks at me and shakes her head asking “Did she hit you again?” I tell her no and we watch M2 skip through the house with her new bra.

I dread the start of her menses……


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