We are going to Disney!!!!

The Magic Castle itself
The Magic Castle itself

OK so usually during the February break I do the Princess Half Marathon in Orlando and sometimes I take the kids. Well this coming year Little Man and Little Bit might be with us or they might be home….hard to say…I wanted to take them, it is so magical that I love it myself and oh yeah so do the kids.

I send a note to Mom and Dad. I say to them that we traditionally go to Disney during February break and even if they might be home I would like to take them. I said I understood if they said no but wanted to ask now because if I book now I can save money on tickets. Dad visit was yesterday and no answer…I felt sort of down…OK maybe not I will respect that they are not my kids after all. Today was the visit with Mom and I forgot that I asked. I go to clean out the lunch box and I see a note inside..hmmmm…what is this? I look and it says

“Yes you may take the kids to Disney. I wish I could do it myself but I want them to have the experience of going even if it is not with me”

A rush of gratitude floods over me. She is going to let me do it. I am so freaking happy and sad to. It must be hard to have someone else do what you want to do. I thank her on her voice mail and let the kids know they can come. Everyone starts yelling and clapping…yep four months till we hit Disney!!!

Side of the hotel from our last visit
Side of the hotel from our last visit

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