Open House Take Three

Finally the last of the open houses…uggg I know I have to go and if I had less kids I would have less to attend LOL

Little Man digging for whatever it is Ninjas look for

I actually dread this one because it is a small town and I have been labeled as a foster mom and depending on the teacher is the warmth of the reception I get. Mrs L looks at me and greets me very warmly…”You must be Little Man’s guardian”  Well all right better than some things I have been called and she is VERY welcoming so maybe it will be all right. She talks of the schedule, the students and her expectations. All of it seems reasonable given our assorted children’s challenges. I dared to feel a tad hopeful at this point. I introduce myself to the other two Kindergarten parents because our sons all sit together, some nice small talk nothing over the top. I look around the room fairly typical but it is nice to see Little Man is not behind his peers.

Mrs L comes over to me and says “Can I talk to you a minute about Little Man specifically?” OK I admit it I went on guard. It must have been obvious as she smiled and said “There are only three sets of parents I know one of them, its OK I can be specific tonight” She let me know that academically he is WAY ahead of his peers and very intelligent. I smile, yep knew that but it is nice to hear. It seems positive but I am wary….it can’t all be peaches and cream can it? I ask about behavior, Little Man’s real struggle and she smiles a bit tiredly. She confirms he is testing boundaries A LOT but does respond to redirection and no nothing she cannot handle. OK that seems more like the Little Man I know. We talk about what we know works and doesn’t and came up with a plan from there.

While we are talking, the OT walks in and stares at me for a moment. Mrs L introduces me as Man’s guardian and she looks puzzled. I smile and say to her “Hi I am M2’s Mom” she starts laughing. Yeah that is how she knows me. The PT walks in and gives me the same look. I smile and say “I am M1’s Mom” and she too smiles because oh yeah that is how she knows me. Another Mom in the room looks at me and says jokingly “Do you have a name?” I said “Sure I have it on my license. I keep it there in case I find myself where the kids have not been” We both start laughing. She gets it she has multiple kids too.

I take a walk around the room one more time and sign up  for my conference. Definitely feel good about this room and teacher so that is awesome.

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