Visiting the ‘Rents

So this past weekend my sister flew in from Colorado to Silver Springs NY to visit her in laws. The in laws invited me and my parents to their house for a get together. We agreed I would come out on Saturday and on Sunday have breakfast with my parents and sister/brother in law/niece and lunch with everyone. Sounds great right?? Yep you guessed it a catch…

Now Silver Spring is 6 hours away from me and literally across the entire state. Little Man and Little Bit have a visit that they must go to and I have a 5K in the morning. Aside from that my sister, who I love to death, is actually the preferred daughter because she “did it all the right way” Yes she got married and then had kids as opposed to me who never married had kids. What this usually means is that at some point or points we will be compared and I will fail. M1 is now aware that this happens and despite her being Gramma’s favorite, gets indignant that I am habitually insulted by Gramma and choose to do nothing about it.

But whatever it is what it is and so I limit my time with my Mom for that reason. Yes I love and respect her. No I cannot change how her and Dad feel I messed up…remember my prayer “..accept the things I cannot change….” So we go on and I remind M1 and M2 that arguing or defending me is pointless so it is better to say nothing. Both vehemently disagree but then I point out that after 46 years I have a pretty good feel for what works.

I pack everyone up and decide to night drive, not because I want to but because the only way I  can see a 6 hour drive with four kids. We bring the portable DVD player and one movie later all are out and I can drive in peace. Egads I am ready to drop when we hit the hotel

We meet at the restaurant and both kids run to Gramma and Pop Pop. Lots of hugs and kisses later all four come to the van where I am getting Little Bit out of her  car seat and reminding Little Man to use manners. The conversation when Gramma sees me

“Why in the hell are you wearing sandals? It is September for  crying out loud.  Don’t you have any suitable footwear?”  (I say nothing and stare at the ground)

M1: “OH MY GOD Gramma!!!!! She is 46 years old and can wear whatever she wants to wear!!! She likes her sandals and wears them all the time”

Mom: “Well I know but she needs to be reasonable and wear appropriate footwear. She is setting a bad example for you girls. You can’t wear sandals year round it is ridiculous and if she needs money we can give it to her!”

M1 (is livid): “Gramma, she likes sandals. She wears them every year until the first frost. She ALWAYS does this and you know it. Why can’t you let it go??? She is not setting a bad example M2 and I know not to wear flip flops in the snow!!!”

Gramma looks stymied and I caution M1. I mean she does have preferential status but still arguing with Gramma….well it isn’t the best idea. My sister leans over and hugs me whispering “Never changes does it you sandal wearing freak?” and we both laugh. Breakfast is great and my niece is so beautiful and wonderful. Everyone has a good time despite the fact I am wearing sandals. We go to the in laws and again have a great time. I have them run themselves stupid because of course we have to drive back.

My sister is a trooper and decides to “help me out” by watching the four kids for a few minutes. I caution her that this will not work out for her, they are good but active and she is not use to dealing with them. Well sis is 11 years my junior and thinks she can handle it all. After about 10 minutes she comes with all of mine in tow. She looks frazzled and I panic momentarily because what the heck happened? She falls into the chair next to me and says “OMG how can you do it daily? I am so tired after 10 minutes” I laugh at her and remind her that her plan was to have more then one and she stated emphatically “NO we are DONE at 2”  Ah my baby sister you are but a novice  LOL.

Pile the kids in the car again and the movie marathon continues. An eternity later we are finally home. Toss the kids into bed and collapse into my chair. Nope not going to do that again any time soon.

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