Open House take Two….the high school version

I need to be clear I HATED high school. Every day, every minute, every second…I was mercilessly bullied by a girl named Carrie. I print her name because she was murdered our senior year by one of her victims. Please understand what happened was wrong she did not ask to be killed, no one does, but to this day, 28 years later I cannot feel sadness over this fact. But tonight I have to face high school and all my unresolved anger to attend M1’s open house.

I grit my teeth, get her schedule and grab a map on the way to her first class. I am not familiar with the school like so many parents, M1 is my oldest and I grew up in another state. I joke with another Mom I recognize that we should have shirts that say “Freshman Parent” so when we are late or we get lost we have an out. We laugh and try to figure out where exactly in the library the gym teachers are…..we do find them and are only 1 minute late….bonus!!!

We rotate every 10 minutes so there is no time to really talk which is fine I have sent emails to all the teachers anyway. Gym, Spanish, Global studies…pretty much the usual. We get to a newer course Freshman seminar and learn the curriculum..hmmmm…one section is resume writing, cover letters and interviewing. I go up after and introduce myself…yep M1 is going to kill me, explain I am an Employment Counselor so if I can help in any way please let me know. Off I go to the next few classes, Spanish, Earth Science then a free period….hmm directions say to go to the library to meet the counselors.

I go to the library and see Mr. F. Yes Mr F is Mrs.F’s husband aka M2’s teacher’s husband. He walks up to me and says “Oh you are Mrs ANYM” I cringe and smile, in my head I am saying “No that’s my mother” but that is just me being juvenile. We talk and he states he “knows all about me and that I am dedicated to my children” because “Mrs. F told me about you and M2” He then tilts his head sideways and says “They are fairly different aren’t they?” I smile and say “Well yes, M1 struggles with social skills and excels in academics. M2 excels in social skills and struggles in academics” He pats me on the arm and says “My wife and I want you to know we have been doing this for awhile and you ARE doing a good job” I smile but dang I don’t feel it most days.

English is the last class and the teacher greets us each and asks us our student’s name. After class she asks if she can talk to me a minute…sure…She looks nervous and says “Is M1 adopted from foster care?” I must have looked confused, I don’t normally discuss this but she clarifies “We are reading A Child Called It and she stated she was adopted from foster care”….phew must admit there was some relief there so I say “Yes she was but she has known me her whole life” The teacher pats my arm and inside I cringe and think “please please don’t compliment me on this part of her life” She changes the topic and I am glad, no I am not ashamed I just don’t like talking about M1’s business without her there.

I walk out and my dad calls me asking why I was not at home I explain it was M1’s open house. He laughed and said “You went into a high school and it is still standing. Wow I do believe in miracles” Yeah my hatred for high school is well known in my family. I assure him all is well and he laughed again assuring me my daughter would be appreciative.

I come home and M1 asks if all is well. I laugh and say yes,see I can survive high school take two.

M2 contemplating great things no doubt
M1 contemplating great things no doubt

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  1. She’s in grade 9 I think? And they’re reading A Child called It the first month into school and not informing parents…that seems crazy to me!

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