School Open House Take One

Tonight was the open house at the elementary school for the 4th and 5th graders. Off I go to find out about all the new and exciting things this year will potentially bring for M2. A group assembly is first and they talk about bullying, respect for all and of course core curriculum. They then introduce the teachers and I think….yep doesn’t apply to my kid.

I see a few parents get up, recognize and follow them. We are the three mom’s of the special education kids in the contained classroom. Part of me is paranoid and thinks is anyone judging us right now? Our district was small, really small, the class M2 is in has 8 kids. I wonder if people are looking at us and “knowing” we are the Moms of “those kids” Uggggg I hate that I am this paranoid….maybe therapy is in order……

We meet with Mrs. F who I adore and she goes over how our kids will meet the NYS standards. Yeah no chance M2 will meet all of them but I bet a bunch she can hit. The other two Moms sit silently, are they worried? It is hard for me to tell. The one on my left suddenly starts going on and on about HER DAUGHTER…OMG now I remember why I hate these things. The other Mom looks at me, shakes her head and gets up to leave. There is no way we are getting a word in edgewise here but that is OK the in depth conversations are suppose to happen at the Parent Teacher Conference anyway. But I have a question, a general education question…you know the kind you are suppose to ask at the open house?!?!?! I have to wait a full 30 minutes before she takes a breath to STOP talking about her child.

Mrs. F looks visibly relieved as the other Mom leaves. I smile and ask my question….We visited two Native American sites this summer, Walnut Canyon and Montezuma’s castle, would you like me to send in some pictures to help with the Native American discussions? M2 could talk about the sites as part of her speaking goals and the kids could see some cliff dwellings for real. Mrs. F laughs out loud and agrees that would be awesome and then we set up my conference so I can talk about my kid WITHOUT inconveniencing the rest of the parents.

I go to leave and the principal greets me as I go out. Yep he knows me too, but not because M2 has  ever been to the front office. Remember I said it was a small district….M2 is one of the three kids in the district that are Autistic and one of four who is hard of hearing. Yeah my kiddo is unique in so many ways!!!

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