I Need to Tap Out

I wake up to the sound of thump thump thump of a child coming up the stairs. I assume that it is M2 as she usually goes to the bathroom and then climbs into bed with me. Sure enough I hear her voice talking softly to the cat who sleeps at my head. I mumble to her “Honey get into bed and lie down, be still and go back to sleep” I feel a body climb into the bed with me and then think I feel another body at my feet. My sleepy brain says it is a displaced cat and I start to go back to sleep.

Suddenly it dawns on me I hear voices. I hear M2 talking and I swear I hear someone answering. I sit up straight to find Little Man at my feet and M2 at my head. I immediately panic “Crud did I over sleep, M1 has to get up!!” I look at my watch……3:32 am. Are you freaking kidding me…it is 3am and you are in my bed…WOW talk about the non Christian and non positive parenting thoughts that went through my head. I try not to snap at them as I bring them back down the stairs to their bedrooms. As I tuck Little Man in I ask “What happened is everything OK?” He says “I had to pee and then I thought it was time to get up so I came to get you”  Well all right that makes sense I guess I can see it. I kiss him and walk out of his room. I go to tuck M2 in and ask the same question. She states “I hear Little Man going up the stairs so I thought it was time to get up so I followed him”

OK logically it makes sense but I am tired because the previous two nights we slept with bed full of children and assorted animals so I did not get much sleep. Everything hurts and I was too tired to sleep. I hate that feeling. So I folded laundry, put stuff away and did getting up stuff until it was the real time to get M1 up. My eyes burn and I feel sick to my stomach…yep I love sleep deprivation. I go to work with puffy eyes and a LARGE coffee and yes my co workers laughed at me. I am not going to make it through the day it seems.

Finally the day ends and I can come home. I remind the kids as I tucked them in that NO MORE visits to Mom at early morning hours and they laugh. Nope I am not sure it will happen but for right now…forgive me I am going to bed…….

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