The Eve of School

So I get a call from the babysitter, M2 is out of control can I talk to her. She is punching Little Man and kicking him. I talked to her and she storms out

“I did it before I do it again and you no stop me”

We talk for a minute but she is belligerent. I make her sit for a bit and get the kids ready for school tomorrow and M2 simmers. Little Man is off the wall and jumping up and down. I grab him quick as jumping in the shower cannot lead to positive outcomes. Finally wrestle him into pajamas and Little Bit is jumping on the couch. I grab Little Bit and get her PJs on and they start running around as if on hyper drive.

I go to M2 again and speak quietly. “You need to get it together. You need to stop disrespecting me. You need to follow directions and not hurt people” Her lip quivers and she cries “Me sorry Momma” I tell her to get her pajamas on and yell to the Little team to stop running and calm their bodies down. Everyone gets on the couch and the morning events are reviewed. I pack everyone into bed and finally think I am in the clear.

Suddenly I hear pounding up the stairs. Little Man and M2 are booking up the stairs claiming they both have to go to the bathroom. I oversee the usage and put them back into bed again with threats of no waffles if this keeps up. I hear laughter and giggling as I climb up the stairs to the living room. Another threat to not cook waffles and I hear

“Momma how many hours til tomorrow?”

I laugh and assure them the faster they get to sleep the faster it will come.

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