The Problem with Sick…..

OK so Little Man and Little Bit’s parents are now in half way houses getting clean and sober. The kids have been told by their parents they are “sick” and need help getting better. Little Man is all right with this until Monday…….

Monday I got sick, like flu and laryngitis sick. I lost my voice and was barely able to function. My BFF comes over to help and even M1 took pity on me and chipped in. I rarely get sick but when I do I don’t play.  Tuesday Little Man is horrific at school, off the wall, yelling, screaming and punching. I go to the school and the teacher says “Oh you are sick, are you going to see a doctor you look awful” Little Man went into full fledged panic mode and it was obvious on his face. It takes me an additional 20 minutes to calm him down and assure him that while I was “sick” and did see a doctor because of it, I was not going anywhere.

I got so angry in that second. The poor kid is convinced that I am going to leave him because when you are sick you go away and  kids come into care. I hugged him tight and promised him all night long I was going no where. M1 and M2 both assured him that sometimes Mom gets “really sick” but still doesn’t go anywhere and eventually it sunk in. They explained that at this house when Mom gets sick Titi and D the sitter come to help but past the doctor we don’t go anywhere long term (usually). All of this must be so confusing to him and I hurt for him. I told the Case Manager using the word sick was playing with fire and sadly enough I was right.

Today as I am in the act of recovery he continues to hover over me. He clung to me at bedtime and yet again I promised him I would be there and that my sickness doesn’t need hospital help. Uggg this parenting thing is tough. Hopefully though with time he can see that there are different kinds of sick.

Poor pumpkin.

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