The Plan Was…..then reality happened….

The case worker was out last week and so I heard nothing. Sure people were suppose to call me and update me but no I did not believe anyone would actually do it. Good news I did not make a faulty assumption. Bad news I was in the dark. I get an email from the case worker “Mom is in a new program. No overnights, visits the same” I sigh it still feels so wrong and yet here we are. I ask a few more questions knowing I am overwhelming him and yet I have to know. I ask about going to Arizona in August and about reunification plans now that there is a new program. Another short email “Arizona-Yes, Reunification-No immediate plan”

Uggg this gets old how can there be no plan. I know they can’t get go to the halfway house but when is Mom getting out, what is going to happen and oh yeah we are at six months now and her situation has gotten worse. Six months ago we did not have the whole homeless piece she was in a program where her kids could be with her, now that is not an option she was “released” from the program. No not “discharged”, “released” she was having trouble following rules….now there are allegedly less rules.

I take Little Man to counseling and the counselor asks for updates. I tell her what I know and she is upset. She goes on about stability, relapse potential and risk of danger to kids. I bite my tongue..hello this is the choir you are talking to but I can only do so much. I guess my expression gave me away and she acknowledged that I probably knew all this and she was sorry to throw it at me. I remind her that she too has access to the case worker and she too can give input so go ahead and do that please. She smiles and says to me “You know you are doing a great job providing them stability that it important” Yes I know it is what I do…you know the job of a foster parent.

How is that again….”…accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”  Oh my do I need some wisdom right now as I am so confused and conflicted. OK well can’t change all of it so lets focus on some positives, I can take them with me on vacation to the Grand Canyon. I let everyone know the news and they are off the wall excited. My BFF laughs at me and says “Get use to four it will be awhile” I laugh too, yep it does seem that way. I don’t mind but yikes some timelines would help.

Oh well Little Bit is calling “Mommy diss”-of course little one there are plenty of kisses to give.

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