Little Bit is Talking

I love as kids start to learn language and put together words. Little Bit is on a roll lately. Now in her defense I have been singing songs to her with made up lyrics for example if you play the tune Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in your head here are the words we sing to her (yes it is a family thing):

Princess No No in my car, Princess No No you’ll go far. No no here and no no there, no no no no everywhere. Princess No No in my car. Princess No No you’ll go far.

The other day I hear from the back seat “Mommy no no no no no no no…” and she laughs her head off. So I say “Good job baby sing it” So OK  well maybe not the best way to teach a language but we are having fun. The other day she was asking for a “danna” so of course I assume banana and hand her one. She throws it to the ground and says “No danna!!” I am confused so I open the refrigerator and she promptly pulls out an orange and says “danna” and walks away to the table. Oh yeah I was going to get that……LOL

Yesterday was another first though as we were getting ready for bed. Now remember six months ago she hated me and screamed when I held her but tonight she is in my arms, head on my shoulder and I am rocking her before I lay her down. Suddenly she lifts her head up and says “Diss Mommy” so I give her another kiss on the head. She spreads her arms out and wraps them around my neck and says “I wub you. Night night Mommy”

I hugged her tight and tears rolled down my face as I put her in the crib. Yep I love her too.

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