Scary day

I went to the daycare and something is amiss. I park in the front instead of the side where I normally park. I enter the daycare and see the staff leading the kids in from the playground looking VERY VERY stressed out.  I don’t see Little Man or Little Bit and now it is my turn to be stressed. The teacher for Little Man grabs my arm and practically drags me out of the area away from the kids.

Little Man’s Dad has been  pacing outside of the daycare then started to call to Little Man. Little Man ran to the gate and the staff panicked, what if he attempted to abduct them.  Dad is not clean or sober and has missed his last three visits failing to call and confirm. In crisis mode the Director literally grabbed Little Man and Little Bit and ushered them into the office with her secretary, locked the door and came out to get me. The fear is obvious on her face as she barrages me with questions “Did I know?” “Did he follow me?” “Does he know you?” I calm her down and suggest we walk outside to see if he is still there and if I can get the kids safely to the van without having to call the police. It is clear, so the Director goes upstairs to get the kids and I stand outside waiting to usher the kids in quickly and quietly.

I see Little Man as he climbs into the van, he looks terrified. I look again, he has a black eye. No time to freak I shut the door and ask the Director “WTF?” she replies “Came back to school after the visit with it, refuses to answer questions” I had to clear the area just in case and I didn’t want to risk being followed so I drive off going the long way home ensuring to drive defensively the whole time. No no one followed me it was safe. I make a call to the emergency line at DSS to report what happened they say they will call me back. The eye was an issue though I have to know what happened. I ask him about it and five different stories come out. Three impossible and two not likely. I am suspicious but I have no clue what actually happened.

An hour later DSS calls me and asks for an update. I explain what happened and they chastise me for not calling the police. Now I am pissed, what the hell, how was I was I suppose to know what to do? Oh yeah its been an hour and we are not on the site anymore because I thought there was a safety issue and took action. I get a free lecture on what to do should it happen again and he hangs up, yeah I feel totally supported right now geez.

Then it happens Little Man starts with the questions. I try explain that Daddy just can’t show up and call him to the fence. He wants to know why and how come. UGGGG this is so hard. I explain that Dad has to have permission right now but that if he calls when he is suppose to then he can have a visit. Little Man is mad, really mad and no I don’t blame him.

The destruction began…the bookshelf torn apart, the curtain rods bent and the drawers all over the floor. Nope no words just wave after wave of fury. I try to hug him and he hits me hard. I clear the room and let him go at it without more destruction. The rage lasts for 20 minutes before I think he stopped from sheer exhaustion. I scoop him up and put him to bed he is practically asleep in my arms. I kiss him on the head and remind him I am not angry at him we can fix things in the morning.

Poor Little Man.

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  1. Well I think you did the right thing, get out of there, You don’t know how long the police will be, especially since Dad is not there right then, they would not give it a very high priority, always follow your instincts for safety. That’s speaking as a former Police Officer who has been in a similar situation with my kids when they were very young, and I got them out of there just as quick as I could, making paperwork reports comes well after that.

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