Little Bit and the Potty

So Little Bit is now 2 and we must begin to think about potty training. I decided it was time because the other day she was walking around the house going “gross gross gross” and when I went up to her and caught a whiff…yep gross.

I bought the “big girl pants” complete with Elmo her favorite. She has been placed on the potty several times with no success but tonight I thought, sure lets do it. I tell Little Bit it is time for “big girl pants” because she is getting to be a big girl. She smiles and says “potty?” and I say yes we are going to see if she is ready to use the potty. Immediately she strips down to diaper and books into the bathroom. We sit for a minute and then no she does not so off we come, pants go on.

Well she wiggles and giggles like I gave her fermented apple juice. She races around the house yelling “big girl unnies, big girl unnies” and everyone just laughed.  Suddenly she stops and squats down and oh dear the first mess.  I quick pick her up and deposit her on the correct location. She starts to cry and I reassure and hug her saying “accidents happen”. She gets a MAD look on her face and says “No icky” and pulls down her underpants. Yes honey that is the down side you will feel wet now so lets try to potty in the potty OK?

The night passes and I bring her several times no success. One last shot I want to sit her for more then a minute so have to have a distraction. M2 always loved reading so I brought books. Nope Little Bit wanted none of that. M2 says “Stories?” and Little Bit says “Nope down” Suddenly I see her lotion. She is a lotion fanatic. We strip her to nothing and yes spend the next five minutes putting lotion mostly on her right leg. She laughs and giggles then says “Nope pees down” OK we tried, I lift her down.

You know it I leave for 30 seconds to get a diaper for bed and exactly then she squats and pees. Oh dear Little Bit this might take awhile.

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