Little Man’s CSE meeting

So today was the day we talk about Little Man going to school in the fall. The meeting was small and yes the Case Manager did attend. I walk into the room with the Psychologist and the Case Manager and the Chair for our entire district looks at me and says “Oh I know you, you are M2’s Mom”  The Case Manager shot me a look and whispered “Is there something I should know?” I laughed and whispered back “Yeah I am the parent of the only kid in the District who is Hard of Hearing. I kind of stand out” The Case Manager looked visibly relieved. (yes true fact in the whole district one deaf and one hard of hearing that’s it)

We talk strengths and needs. The poor Case Manager started to give information on another case, not Little Man’s and I had to correct him. He was visibly flustered and finally said “You know what you do the talking I will supplement you” Versed in these proceedings I did know what to say and discuss, experience is good for that sort of thing. The Psychologist went next and she validated a lot of what I had said and then added some additional concerns the school had that I did not. Intellectually Little  Man is on target, socially and emotionally major concerns.

They start to talk options and the parent advocate starts to fall behind. She is asking questions that don’t make sense in the course of the discussion and asks why I would want him in a 15:1:1 if he is of normal intelligence. I looked at her shocked. We just spent 10 minutes discussing how he flips bookcases, throws chairs, punches, bites, kicks and knocks people over. Can you not understand on how a 1 on 22 ratio it might be a problem? I had to explain the danger to others twice before she finally caught on…..oh dear and she is suppose to help me navigate???? The Case Manager just kept an incredulous look on his face the whole time and barely said six words.

We get to the end and the Chair says “”You OK with Jeff (school psychologist) doing groups and Courtney (teacher) as lead?” I agree. The Case Manager interjects “Who are these people?” and the Chair laughs (as do I) and says “Oh sorry she knows what I mean” and then lets him in. The Manager shakes his head and says “Well obviously SOME parents don’t need me” and I reassure him that I do but no not for this and he laughs.

In the end I did win the 15:1:1 option with the agreement to exam again next year if needed to determine if it is still the least restrictive environment. The parent advocate  walked out with me and asked “How many years have you been doing this?” I smile and say “9, but thanks for coming.” I do appreciate the time she took even if she didn’t understand and I wanted to be sure she knew this despite me not needing her.

So all set for September. Classroom picked, transportation arranged and after school plans finalized.  Success if I do say so myself.

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