Weekend Fun continues

OK this is my backyard prior to it being mowed
OK this is my backyard prior to it being mowed

So it is a beautiful day outside and I must mow the lawn. Now as you can see the yard is quite large and what is not picture is the hill I stood on to take this photo. The whole yard takes between 2-3 hours to mow because I have a power mower and did I mention the hills?

I give the standard safety brief to the kids. I can’t hear you if you need  me get WAY in front and wave. No throwing things in the yard near the part I am mowing. Stay away from the shoot the grass is coming out of. Well Little Man is enthralled with the power mower. He insists on me explaining it from top to bottom. He is mesmerized like he is watching a movie as I explain how the levers work to make the mower run. He finally asks “Can I mow?” and I explain the mower is heavy and he is too small right now. He is bummed out in a big way especially when he sees M1 and M2 taking turns on it.

So I mow for awhile and get most of the hill done. Little Man races up and down the hill with me keeping track of EVERYTHING I am doing. I stop at the bottom for a grass jam in the mower and Little Man asks if he can push it. I remind him that up the hill is hard but disengage the whole thing and move for him to try. He pushes, he grunts, pushes some more then grunts one last time. “Nope” he concedes, “Can’t move it too heavy” I laugh and explain power lift to him and he laughs.

When I finish the hill I take a break. The kids say “Can we roll down the hill?” I figure sure why not there is nothing to hurt them I just mowed. M1 is the first one down. Yes my 13 year old rolls down the hill laughing the whole time. She stands up and starts shaking her head and saying “Darn it” I ask what is up and she says “I got grass in my mouth”  Well yes Einstein I did just mow. M2 is next and she shuts her lips tight to prevent grass inhalation but starts laughing midway and yep mouth full of grass clippings too. Well Little Man is determined not to suffer a similar fate so he shuts his mouth tight and starts down the hill. WHAM right into a tree. I go running over and he bursts out laughing and continues down the hill.  You know it mouth full of grass for kid number three. It continues several more times until Little Bit wakes up and I tell M1 to watch her so I can finish.

The kids all take to racing up and down the hill. Little Bit only gets about four step before falling and laughing.  She get up tries again and continues the pattern. The others tear up and down it until they fall down with exhaustion. Suddenly it starts to rain so we all go racing into the house.

Yep between grass in the hair and stains on the body it will definitely be a shower night.

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