Family Fun at the Speedway

Modified cars on the track
Modified cars on the track

I have been wanting to get to the Speedway for about two years now. I kept putting it off and finally today I said that is it I am going to take them. I tried to explain what was going to happen to the kids. They had no frame of reference so it was tough. Fortunately when we were driving back from M1’s therapy appointment a few of the cars drove past on trailers so I pointed them out. The kids got excited and then the questions started. Here are the best ones:

M2- Are these bumper cars?

Are they suppose to hit each other?

Are they getting a time out for hitting each other?

Little Man-  How do they know if they are winning?

What happens if the guy drops the flags?

Does the truck (pace car) get to race too?

I go through and explain the flags, the lights and the pace car to all of them and they sit transfixed for an hour and a half. They laughed and clapped their hands over their ears as the cars raced by and screamed themselves silly.  Finally it did have to come to an end because even though the races were not over Little Bit’s asthma was kicking in.

We start to walk back to the van and M2 and Little Man were race cars all the way back. They made M1 pretend to signal with the flag and off they ran in the same crazy pattern as the cars. Half way home only Little Bit was up and she was singing a sure sign of a good time. Got home and as I tucked them into bed, both Little Man and M2 asked the same question “When are we going back?”

I still think I enjoyed it more though.

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