Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers

It is Mother’s Day and as fellow blogger ABM has posted the depth of the tragedy and privilege that comes with being an adoptive Mom is not lost on me. People think I am weird because we have a tradition in our house. On Mother’s Day  M2 usually makes me a card and occasionally M1 will make me a cup of coffee. It isn’t an elaborate ritual but I am a simple person. The part of the day we all like best is heading off to the Tulip Festival.

M1 and Little Bit look at the Tulips.
M1 and Little Bit look at the Tulips.

Here is where M1 and M2 know we will take some photos of them together and despite M1 HATING having her picture taken she knows that this one is for her original Mom. They suffer through several scenarios so I can get “the best” shot because not any shot will do today it has to be a good one. Yep both girls smiling and NO M1 may not be rolling her eyes. Today the best shot happens to be in an over sized wooden shoe. Where the festival is in Albany and Albany was settled by the Dutch..hence the shoes.

The kids approve the photo and I write the email. I keep it simple. “Happy Mother Day S***. We thought of you today” and attach a photo. I don’t ever want her to think she was forgotten or for my girls to think that I am angry at her for anything that has happened.  M2 laughs and says “Do you think she will like it?” I am sure she will it is her babies. No fan fare or fuss but still it is a tradition. We then call my Mom and wish her Happy Mother’s Day and of course my sister. The rest of the day is ordinary because it is sort of a sad day in all reality. Some more photos will be taken and whatever I want for dinner is served but what matters is that all the Mom’s involved in my kids life got recognized.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s no matter where you are!!!

Festival tulips
Festival tulips

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