A Walk in the woods

M1, Little Bit and my BFF walking ahead of me.
M1, Little Bit and my BFF walking ahead of me.

We decided to do a walk in the woods today. One of the few times I can actually let them run, yell, ninja move and go nuts without having to worry about something breaking or what the neighbors think. We let the dogs and kids run pell mell until they are completely exhausted.

M2, Little Man and Mocha running to their hearts content
M2, Little Man and the pups running to their hearts content

The kids raced and raced until they almost collapsed red faced on the bench on the way back. Little Man was gasping for air and he panted out “This was so much fun will we ever do it again?”  M2 laughed and said “Yeah we do this lots of times” I asked if he had ever been hiking before and he stated he had not. I was not surprised you need a car to get to most of the parks in my area and I knew his parents were constrained to a bus line. I explained we do it often and that for sure he would do it again. His whole face lit up with joy.

Little Bit running to catch up with the pups.
Little Bit running to catch up with the pups.

We started to go back to the car and Little Bit started to lag behind. We had walked about a half a mile so we thought she was getting tired. I asked her “Do you need to be carried? Are you tired?” She started laughing and starts singing “We are walking we are walking” I follow her and soon she stops and looks at me.  Suddenly she sits down and puts her hands up and says “All done” I hoisted her up onto my shoulders and the singing continues “We are walking, we are walking” We get to the car and I go to put her down. She laughs and grabs my ears tight saying “No no no all done” I laugh and assure her she is car seat bound so she lets go.

It is about a half mile from the trail to the entrance of the park and in that time four kids out sleeping. Well technically five because the dog was sleeping too. Good times, definitely good times.

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  1. Fantastic! My boys love romping through the woods too. It’s such a relief to be somewhere where they can run and yell and clamber on things as much as they want.

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