Using “my powers” for good

M1 and I share a love of music. Now for the most part we enjoy the same artists and same radio stations so this is often a plus. This morning our local station was talking about a contest they are hosting. The contest was to parody the John Legend song “All of Me” and dedicate it to a loved one. It is to be funny and creative. The winner gets to sing it live on the air and gets a meet and greet with John Legend. Well M1 shoots me a look and says “Don’t you dare!!”  Believe it or not one of my completely useless talents is the ability to parody a song after hearing it once or twice.

Well I am as immature as my children and her not wanting me to do it was enough to get me thinking. So after about 20 minutes I had come up with the words to the song. If you know the tune you can sing along:

What would I do without your loud mouths
Screaming at me then stomping about
You’ve got my ears ringing, no kidding, I blockin you out
What’s goin on in your childish mind
Lookin for a clue that I cannot find
Got my head spinnin, don’t think I get you, but we’ll be all right

My head hits the pillow
Its fine-lee bedtime
It’s crazy and I’ve lost my mind

But all of me
Loves both of you
Loves your Goth and your black sweaters
Sticky hands and backwards letters
Give my all to you
You might think of me
Graying hair and fits of screaming
Sibling fights where no one’s winning
‘Cause I give you all of me
And you think I hate you, oh

How many times do I have to tell you
Pretty sure its time nine hundred and two
You’re both stubborn and foolish, I have to smile inside
You’re my babies, you’re my life
My best distraction, my laughter at night
I can’t stop singing, you’re cringing, but I do love you


Give my all to you
Mess on the table, you’re both blaming cats
Cleaning it up though you lied


I give you all of me
And you think I hate you, oh

 Well I decided to show it to M1 and she actually started to laugh and said “Hey that Goth is me and M2 is sticky” I laughed and told her she was right on. M2 hopped onto the couch and said “Mum Mum sing it to us” So I played the music and sang the song they loved it!!! So M1 looks at me and says “You gotta do it Mom. You gotta submit it” So I did and  both kids laughed. I reminded her that the down side of what I just did was one of the finalists then I would have to go to the station and actually sing it. M1’s whole face lit up “Mom you gotta promise me if you win you will take me to the station to see you sing it!!!”  I asked her if she would be embarrassed about me on the radio and singing considering that her friends would hear me. She laughed and said “Come on Mom you have been singing your whole life and when you do it right you sound pretty good”

Dang I do love my kids and well if my powers are any good I might actually get to meet a real performer how cool is that.

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