Victory with Little Bit

Well it has been three months of me trying so hard to get Little Bit to trust me more and let me mother her. I always ask “Can I hug you? Can I give you a kiss? May I have a hug?” and sometimes when I get a “NO” I respect it and don’t do it. I figured with time she would learn to like me. I certainly didn’t want to force something and scare her more but some days it made me sad that she was so resistant. It was though only with me so I did not think it was an attachment issue in general.

We have a lot of good times, she laughs and plays with me. She shares her dinner with me and freely takes food off my plate so I thought the ground work for trust was there. She stopped screaming when I changed and showered her so life was definitely looking up and I was feeling better about my ability to successfully parent her.

But then last night happened….

I go to tuck Little Bit in which means she lays on her stomach and I cover her with a blanket. But she was playful and singing “No night night. No night night” and of course not laying down. So I turn to tuck M2 in and I hear Little Bit saying “Hug Mommy Hug Mommy” and both M2 and I laugh because this is exactly what M2 says to me each night. So I bend down to hug M2 and kiss her and I continue to hear “Hug Mommy”.

I turn around and Little Bit is standing up in her crib with her arms out toward me waggling her fingers frantically. I go over and give her a hug and for the first time ever she hugs me back. She then says “Night Mommy” and lays down motioning for me to cover her up. I almost cried and I thought it was a fluke but I would take it!!

Tonight she did it again!!!



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  1. This is soooo sweet!! Btw I have enjoyed your blog for some time and have noticed we both follow ABM. I’m a newly licensed foster parent awaiting my first placement. I receive as many, if not more, negative comments vs. positive ones. I remain more committed than ever. Thanks for this real dose of inspiration!

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