Easter Firsts


Last night we colored eggs as is the tradition in our house. My BFF comes over and we all color eggs the night before Easter. Little Man and Little Bit had never colored eggs before. The look of awe on their faces was amazing as M1 and M2 showed them what to do and what not to do. My two were so shocked that they had no idea what to do so they were very happy to lend their “expertise” in the subject.

This morning M2 and Little Man were the first up. M2 raced down the stairs and YELLED up “The Easter Bunny came come look!!” which of course sent Little Man racing down the stairs. Little Man’s eyes were HUGE as he exclaimed “I  never got this much stuff before” M2 excitedly picked out the toys and dumped them on the table deciding what to play with first. Following her lead Little Man dumped out his toys and exclaimed his Monster truck was the coolest. After several minutes of playing they begged to get Little Bit up so I let them. Poor Little Bit she sat in her chair as two very excited kids shoved toys at her telling her what they were as if she could not see them herself. Little Bit is NOT a morning person so she looked very dazed for several minutes. Finally M1 rolls out of bed and while there is no Easter Bunny faith for her she did smile broadly and pronounce that the new sneakers were “sic”. Pretty sure that is a positive but I will have to consult my teenage slang book for translation.

I reminded the kids that the new outfits were to be worn today and that all of us had to go to church. I also reminded them of the Easter egg hunt and Little Man looked confused. M1 explained to him what it was and this did not help.  All the way to church he asked questions finally admitting he had never done an egg hunt either. M2 readily volunteered and told him she would help him and M1 promised to hold Little Bits had so I could get picture. Little Man could hardly sit still but then again none of the kids could so this was a shared parenting pain. Finally the time came and the kids were released. Keeping true to their words each of my girls took their counterpart out into the hunt.

ML Counting

Finally they got to count. Each child could only have 24 eggs so each counted and would share if they were over. Little Man could not count high enough so he quickly asked a bigger kid for help. Proud of himself and his 22 eggs he proudly exclaimed “I don’t gotta give none to nobody cus I have enough” Little Bit had an egg in each hand and kept running around laughing. M1 was distressed because Little Bit “only had 15”.  I had to laugh Little Bit could have cared less she was happy and I pointed this out in hopes of alleviating M1’s stress. Nope M1 raced off to “find the rest of her eggs”

Coming home and friends for dinner was so exciting for them as well. Little Man said he never had a ham dinner before and even ventured a few bites of several new dishes that my guys love. Each ate huge helpings of strawberry shortcake before announcing that “this was the best day ever”

About 5 minutes after heads hit the pillow…..silence…..yep that was a first too.

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!

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  1. So lovely! 🙂 Hope also got some sneakers; she knew I ordered them, but she didn’t know they came early. I see similar threads in our posts about the importance of traditions and how some of our kids just haven’t been exposed or had a chance to do some of the traditional holiday things we take for granted. It does make them enjoyable for us to watch them be so taken with new, safe, fun stuff. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 ❤

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