A Little Man Break Through

Little Man has been having a having a hard time. He sees Mom and Dad every week and wonders why Dad is working so much he cannot come home to live with him. He sees Mom in rehab and asks when he is moving there. Most days I let the questions remain unanswered or reply with “sometime” or “maybe one day” but with no time line for reunification I can’t be more specific. He seems resigned to his fate and I hurt for him some days.

I give him hugs and kisses like I do all the kids. He has remained rigid and does not seem to care if it happens or not. I periodically ask if it is OK for me to still do it and he says yes but doesn’t seem too vested in it. I give him space though I mean in his short 4 years he has lived in 3 times in a rehab house with Mom or in chaos with Dad. He is a tough guy and not really versed in his feelings just yet. Little Man has two speeds angry and not angry. There is nothing in between and this too makes me sad. Yes we do address it in counseling but still to know the hurt some days is tough.

So the other day I drop him off at daycare and per usual say “Have a good day Buddy” and I turn and walk out the door. But suddenly I hear him yell “WAIT!!!” really loudly so I turn startled. He comes flying into my arms and I scoop him up as he has many times seen me do to M2. He says “Have a good day” and gives me a hug. I hug him tight, kiss him on the cheek and say “You too Little Man” then quickly scoot out before the tears of happiness start.


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