Weekend Funny I have to share

Ok so this weekend in upstate NY was beautiful. I let the kids play outside while I watched as my house is near a major road. They happily played for hours but then dinner time came. I told the kids they could play on the deck which extends the width of my house. The kitchen window also over looks the deck so I could clearly hear any issues should they arise. Additionally, the window is about two feet off the ground so the kids can look and shout in if they need things.

I am making dinner and suddenly I hear from the window:

“Ummm Mom excuse me, excuse me”

I look out and see Little Man who is peering into the window intently on his scooter. I am a little confused but ok. I say “What’s up little man?”

He shouts in “Can I have two cheeseburgers and two orange drinks to go”

I couldn’t help it I burst out laughing as did all the kids.

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