Much waiting still no answers

Almost a week and a half ago a service provider meeting was held to get the parents on the same sheet as DSS and their rehab house. I waited patiently to hear what happened and was concerned for Mom since it seemed she was not understanding the full intent of the meeting. Finally after what seemed to be an eternity the case worker called me.

He said the kids were discussed, their health, their well being. The house updated the parents progress. Mom is doing OK but Dad is not. I felt sad hearing that because I had hoped both would be doing well or at least making progress. I mean I know rehab is hard and that it would be a struggle but I guess I was hoping for a happier update. They also discussed moving the visits for Mom since she was doing well and the house approved that request. OK that was good news I mean if Mom is better then why should she be supervised during her visits. The case manager also stated that Mom would have two visits a week starting soon and he would let me know when that was going to start and when they were going to be.

I felt like there was an elephant in the room. What about permenancy? What about reunification? Nothing was said at all about that in the exchange between the case manager and I. Finally after an exchange of several emails I figured I would just ask point blank so I emailed the case manager and said “Did you discuss a plan for reunification?” His response concerned me greatly

“At this time there is not time frame for reunification. There is a service plan meeting in May. You need to be there. If for some reason you cannot attend then you must meet with me prior to the meeting but I am strongly encouraging you to be there. We are sending you a letter today with the date for next month.”

My heart sunk at reading this email. I don’t remember ever hearing of not having a time frame for reunification. I mean I have been doing this for eight years and there was never not a time frame for reunification. Why did it not exist? Is it too early? What in the heck was going on? The letter arrived today but there was no real information in it either. It was the standard letter I have received many times before. I kept staring at it like some how it would provide me some insight and sadly it did not.

So I do not know what is going on and must wonder. The meeting is at the end of May so it will be a really long time before I can get any information about what is going on with this case. Oh well let go and let God I suppose.

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  1. It does seem strange that after eight years there is still no permanency plan, have you tried pushing for them individually go give up parental rights? Perhaps the father first? I also have to deal with a couple like that, rehab never really ‘cures’ anyone, they will both be going in and out for the rest of their lives.

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