Wow just wow

I went to Little Man and Little Bit’s daycare office today to get a combination to the front door. I walk to the office and see the Director she greets me warmly and says she is happy to see me. I get the new combination and am about to leave and she asks if she can talk to me. Another staff takes Little Man in the next room and occupies him.

Well then the Director starts into a whole conversation about how “bad” the family is and how awful they are, how she “has no use for any of them” and I am too shocked at first to talk. She has no compassion, no tenderness nothing just vile story after story. I am floored what kind of person totally bashes a child’s family to a virtual stranger (we only met last week). Just as I am about to find my voice she says that Dad had gone around right before the kids were removed asking everyone to please take the kids. She looked offended that he would ask and was going on about how awful he was when I suddenly had to stop it. So I looked at her and said:

“Wait a minute Dad was openly asking for help and what did you do to help him or get him help?”

She immediately got defensive and said there was nothing she could do she couldn’t take the kids after all. I look at her and suddenly she changes topics. She states that lots of kids are in care here in fact 15 of her current students are in foster care. OK now there is no reason I need to know any of this and I am done as done can be. So I announce I really have to go and get my kids and quickly walk out of the office.

Wow just holy crud wow,  woman you need to learn some professionalism

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  1. Ugh. I deal with Hope’s social worker who bases her birth family constantly. I’ve had to tell her on more than one occasion that I didn’t need to hear about it. I needed to know critical pieces of her history but the added commentary was unnecessary. Just messy and unprofessional. I’ve wondered how many time Hope has accidentally overheard how awful her family is and how that has shaped her identity as being undesirable. 😦 Sad.

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