Trusting M1

M1 and I have a rocky relationship, between her RAD and being a teenager, well things get tough at times. So last night I was going to buy some new work clothes and when the sitter came M1 asked to go with me. I clarified that I really was going shopping and nothing exciting was going to happen and she restated she wanted to come. Well all right I mean if she wants to spend time with me I should support it.

She does not speak on the entire trip over and this is not a surprise. We get to the store and she asks what I am looking for and I give her some parameters size and color wise. She takes off and comes back with two pairs of pants and an odd looking shirt. I look at the shirt and I am a tad guarded. M1 is bolder style wise then me but the shirt isn’t ugly it is just different. I have some reservations but the voice in my head says “Look she is trying support this” so we find another shirt as well that we both like and I go into the dressing room.

Well I try the shirt on and I was like “oh dear heavens no I can’t” but it does fit so I pull on the pants and go to show her. The look on M1’s face is classic. I say to her “I need you to be honest. What do you really think because I am not sure myself so I want your feedback”.  She scrunches her face up and says “No Mom it is not you. I mean it fits but no it is not you.”  I thank her incredibly relieved that we actually agree. I try the next outfit on and again come out and state I am unsure, though secretly I do like this top much better. M1’s face lights up and she says “Oh yeah that is totally you!” So of course I bought the outfit.

Morning comes and M1 comes up the stairs to the kitchen. She looks at me and says “Are you going to wear the outfit I picked?” I tell her I definitely will and she smiles, I mean really smiles and give me a hug.  OK maybe teenagers aren’t awful all the time.

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