Meeting Grandma

Today Little Bit and Little Man had a dentist visit. They were both stellar and received great reports so I was SO PROUD and told them so several times. But it meant that I had to do the transport since we got out right before the bi weekly visit with Grandma, Step Sister and Uncle L.  I was apprehensive as I approached the familiar building and Little Man practically burst out of his car seat from  excitement. I take them inside and explain we are early so we have to wait a bit. I look out the glass doors and see a familiar woman approaching with a child and young man. I do a double take, I have seen her before I know I have but who is she? Suddenly Little Man yells “Grandma is here!!” and Little Bit pulls out of my hand and goes running. Grandma scoops up Little Bit and gives Little Man a tight hug.  Looking quickly at me she says “Can you just stay a minute I have to use the bathroom” I agree and she rushes off. Uncle L looks at me and I extend my hand and say “Hi I am ANYM. Are you Uncle L?” He shakes my hand and says yes. The kids climb all over him and he looks like he is having a ball. Grandma comes out, looks at me and stares HARD. I am uncomfortable under her stare I feel naked and exposed. I hate feeling like I am being evaluated.

“OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!” Grandma says quite loudly “You are ANYM and you are a foster parent. I know you. I really know you”

I am speechless I can’t place her but nod because yes I do know I have seen her before and my mind is frantically racing to determine where or how. The case manager shifts uncomfortably and asks if she and I are OK with how we know each other. I look at Grandma not sure what to say since I cannot make the connection I know we have. Suddenly she blurts it out

“You, you are the MAPP/GPS trainer. You are the foster parent who co leads and brought all the real life stories. You were the one that trained me so I could get custody of my Grand daughter”

The case manager looks visibly relieved and it all rushed back to me. She was in my first class over four years ago. The case manager asks again “Are you OK knowing that you personally know ANYM and now know she has the children?” I hold my breath in fear what if she did not. Grandma laughed and said “Oh my gosh yes.I know all about ANYM and learned so much from her that I am completely comfortable with her having my Grand babies”

Waves of relief rushed over me and I thanked her profusely. She smiled and shook my hand and said “No thank you I appreciate what you did and what you are doing”

Oh thank goodness me and Grandma are OK.

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