Disappointing Day

The case worker came to the house today for his monthly visit. He looked rather somber as he approached the house but then again I was wrangling a 75 pound dog so maybe he was nervous.  I kennel the dog and we sit down to talk after he inspects the house and makes small talk with Little Man and Little Bit.

I ask if everything is OK because he really does look like he is having a rough day and while this could be part and parcel for his occupation, I was concerned. He looked at me and sighed finally after a few seconds he looked at me and said very softly

“Dad is still using”

He looked as disappointed as I felt in that moment and silence filled the air. Finally I collect myself and say “Well what about Mom? Is she still in rehab and doing well?”  He looked at me with a pained expression in his eyes “They are not agreeing to the original time frame (2-3 months) they say (Mom) needs to learn to take care of herself first before they will allow the children to live with her at the facility.”  Again we sit in silence for a few moments as I struggle with my own feelings of sadness for these parents. B*** breaks the silence and says “Dad thinks this will be quick and easy and it won’t be. It will be long and drawn out I don’t know what else to tell you” I sat quietly myself not sure what to say. I mean the kids are great but this is a huge problem when it comes reunification.

He states there is a case meeting next week and that the treatment providers will put together a more realistic time frame for Mom and it will be discussed with Dad what the plan is. He assures me he will keep me in the loop and that all changes will be relayed to me later Thursday or Friday morning. He then asks if I am OK with this and it is my turn to sigh. Yeah of course I am OK I am just sad that it is so hard for some people it just doesn’t seem fair.

B*** goes to leave and tells Little Man he is going. When he leaves Little Man looks at me and says “I am not going home soon am I?” I give him a tight hug and tell him no but Mom and Dad still love him very much no matter where he lives. He pulls away and the disappointment is obvious on his face

Shoot I wish I could make this better…..

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  1. No. You can’t make it better, but you are the refuge in the storm. You can make sure that the kids are safe and sound and as happy as possible while Mom and Dad work out their stuff. I hope it becomes better for all.

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