Vegetable 1 Little Man 0

OK so the kids Mom asked me a few weeks back to get the kids to eat vegetables more often and I said I would work on it. Now truth be told Little Bit is a lot more open minded to this then Little Man.

So tonight I am eating a kale salad and I DO NOT give any to the kids because kale and spinach are strong tasting and I assume kids don’t like it. Well M2 asked me for some of my salad so I gave it to her. Then Little Bit put her hand out for some.  I figured what the hey it is seasoned with olive oil and lemon so nothing she shouldn’t have. Well she takes it and shovels it in. Then puts her hand out for more.

 But then there is Little Man. The kids had corn as their vegetable. I know most like it and figure hey its not kale. Well Little Man takes on kernel of corn and starts this fake cough like it is his job. So I say take a sip of milk and he does. He then shovels more macaroni and cheese in his mouth. So I say to him…ok buddy here is the deal finish your corn before the rest of the mac and cheese (last time he claimed he was too full to finish his veggies). He starts to eat it one kernel at a time and literally 25 minutes later all 2 tablespoons of corn is gone and I say “Great job go ahead with the mac an cheese.”
 Here is the funny part….he looks at me about a mouthful into the mac and cheese and says “you know corn is pretty good”.  Yeah he was savoring it one piece at a time that is what he was doing…..

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