My “luck of the Irish”

Well despite stereotypes and the fact I am profoundly Irish (both Grandmothers immigrated) I am  no luckier then the average person. Yes I have the freckles and complexion to validate my roots on sight but my luck well apparently that was left in my home country of Ireland.

M2 was not herself this weekend. The rage was the start and it never got better she was moody and irritable. Normally M2 is a free spirit and outgoing but this weekend nothing went right and everything resulted in tears. I held her when she let me but the whole time I thought maybe she is getting sick.  Sure enough at lunch time the school calls, she has a sore throat and a fever. She cries when I pick her up because she is missing her school party but quickly she came home and falls asleep on my arm. Sure enough doctor confirms it is strep….oh yeah!!

Sitting with M2 sleeping on my arm I started to look at my email. I had sent  some questions to the caseworker on Thursday but he never responded but I know they get busy so I checked again. Sure enough a message

   (Facility) reports mom is doing well, but they have backed off on their initial statement to (CPS) about the kids going there in that 2-3 month time frame.  They feel mom needs to put more attention on herself and her recovery.  I can’t say when they might be discharged at this time.  I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

I wanted to rush to the facility and hold the Mom close. I can’t imagine how hard this would be for her to hear. I mean to me no issues the kids are great and I will make summer camp plans but to Mom who transferred to this facility because she believed she would get them back in 2-3 months this had to be so hard.  No I am not saying I disagree she does need to care for herself but still my mind can not fathom her potential pain or frustration with this whole situation.

They are going to do a service plan meeting to get a better time frame. Now I am concerned and my thoughts turn to ASFA. Would they make an exception because she is working on it? Could Mom do it in time? Is there anything I can do to help? Obviously I will continue to care for Little Man and Little Bit so Mom does not worry but I think I shall start to add the whole thing to my prayer list too just so that no matter what happens Mom can find some peace from her demons.

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