Raging is no fun….

Here I sit about seven feet away from M2 who is raging right now. The anger spews forth with the vile words of how much she hates me and how rotten and unfair I am to her. Yes I found out she did no school work and had it sent home so she can do it. She is a ball of rage and screaming so loud I am glad I don’t have neighbors. I am tired of this struggle but I know it is inevitable. Learning is hard for M2 and she does not like to stick with things ever.

She screams on and I wonder if her voice will give out soon. M1 says nothing as she remembers doing this too. She sits quietly eating her breakfast reminding her sister that only in calming down will things happen. Little bit and Little man are upstairs playing. I sent them up their to not further traumatize them from this nonsense. The screams are calming down now so soon it will be over. She is slowly starting to pull herself together and has some over to me to snuggle on my arm. I guess it is done for now.

I fell bad for her I really do but still she has to try. I want to make it better or easier but I know I can’t so instead I wait out the rages.  She is good now and starting again her head on my arm with occasional sniffles but doing the work she needs to do. Yeah round one of rages is over and so we move on to a good day.

2 thoughts on “Raging is no fun….

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  1. Hope doesn’t rage this way, but she does rage and homework is also a trigger for us. I feel your pain. I use all kinds of incentives (and it doesn’t take much to motivate her) to help keep her on track. It’s such a draining experience though. 😦

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